Part of the Sega Forever series of classic games, it’s available for free - ad-supported, of course, with the option to pay HK$15 to remove third-party ads. It’s a port of a game which was first released in arcades in 2006, and then on consoles in 2010, before coming to mobile in 2019.


You choose from a small selection of fighter planes, then a cut-scene shows you taking off from a carrier and you’re into your first mission.You’re flying in/over an environment - sea with islands in the first mission, a canyon in the second - with enemies coming at you from in front and behind, some firing missiles. The main goal is just to survive, but if you can shoot down some of the bastards, that’s good too - but it’s not easy! Your plane has missiles which will target enemies, and a gun which just fires forwards. It seems like the only way to avoid being hit by enemy missiles is to take evasive action.

The controls are